19-page detailed Half Marathon Training schedule for runners that can finish a 5K between 20 and 29 minutes. This detailed training guide customizes your schedule including your predicted half marathon pace and finish time and plugs them into your weekly schedule. No need to figure out what pace you need to run as long as you run within the pace range. Take advantage of this detailed training schedule to get you from a beginner runner to a race finisher in 12 weeks. This workbook is a companion guide to the eBook, Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons, which has become an international #1 Amazon Bestseller. Purchase your training workbook companion guide today!

The training workbook companion guide contains:

  • Downloadable/Printable workbook after purchase.
  • The exclusive Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathon Training Log which includes daily distance requirements versus your actual distance ran all on one single sheet of paper.
  • Exclusive fueling log that helps you find your go-to fuel on race day.
  • Exclusive customized filled-in pacing ranges based on your average 5K finish times which include 12 weeks of training.
  • Optional absolute beginner’s 3-week preparation schedule.
  • Bonus tips not included in the book, Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons.
  • Blank 12-week training schedule template to customize as you wish.

No more second-guessing your pace! With this companion guide, your estimated half marathons paces are already pre-filled inside your workbook.

******** THIS IS NOT A PAPERBACK PRODUCT *************



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