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Are you struggling to step up to the starting line? Discover a 12-week program that will shape your body and mind for your first half marathon.

Are your running shoes gathering dust? Do you think you’re too unfit or too old to enter a competitive race? Is a marathon on your bucket list, but you have no idea where to start? Author Scott O. Morton didn’t begin long distance running until he was 43. With only twelve weeks of preparation, he crossed his first half-marathon finish line and has been racing ever since. And now he’s here to share his game-changing training routine so you can hit the ground running.

The Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons: A Simple Step-By-Step Solution to Get You to the Finish Line in 12 Weeks! is your roadmap to shape up for race day both on and off the track. Through Morton’s training system, you’ll learn safe practices for conditioning your body and building the stamina you need to go the distance. Whether you’re a first time runner or an old pro past your prime, you’ll discover tools and techniques for fueling your photo finish.

In Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons, you’ll discover:

  • The detailed training system that will get you race-ready in under twelve weeks
  • Weekly training plans available in both miles and kilometers
  • Tactics for finding your ideal running or walking pace so you’ll have the energy to finish strong
  • Easy-to-follow daily and weekly routines to get you in shape and keep you on course
  • Healthy nutrition and hydration practices to optimize your race day performance
  • Recommended long-distance clothing, shoes, wearables, and much, much more!

The Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons is a no-nonsense running manual that’s packed with tips and training methods to help you cross the finish line in record time. If you like easy-to-follow instructions, actionable steps for any skill level, and candid advice from a runner who’s been in your shoes, then you’ll love Scott O. Morton’s handy guide to half-marathons.

Buy Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons to run down your race daydreams today!


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